Girl on a Train, Captain Fantastic

It rained yesterday so Gordon and I watched the last two films on the list: Girl on a Train and Captain Fantastic.

First of all, I’m a big Emily Blunt fan. She gave a limited character some depth. That said, I thought the film was a bit of a dud. The two blonds looked so much alike I had a hard time telling them apart. I read the book and I had difficulty following what was going on. Gordon hadn’t and he was just baffled. The movie is a murder mystery that didn’t have much tension, just the ‘ick’ factor at the end. I can see why it didn’t make much money. I wish Blunt could get a part worthy of her talent but she’s dependent on writers, directors….It must be awful, being so good and not having any control.

Captain Fantastic was included in the list (I think) because of Viggo Mortenson’s performance. Again, I’m a fan and appreciate pretty much everything he’s done–especially Aragorn (I’m a Ringer). The movie is an interesting study of a man who takes his family off the grid so they’re not corrupted by modern society. His 8-yr-old daughter can intelligently discuss the Bill of Rights when his sister’s 13-yr-old son has never even heard of it. The kids are trained to be self-sufficient and the educational level they achieve is off the charts. His 18-yr-old son chides him for calling him a Troskyite: “I’m a Trotskyist!” Dad is a Maoist–for the moment. The situation all looks very Edenic until…well, the plot twists and we see that all isn’t as wonderful as it seems. I found this a very thoughtful movie. Particularly enjoyed Viggo’s full frontal nudity. That’s been a thing of his lately so I guess we better enjoy it while we can. We’re all getting old.

I’ve seen all the movies I’m supposed to. Time to go back to popcorn movies. I need a break.


About Barbara Schnell

I've dedicated my life to full-time employment avoidance. I've been an actress, renovated a 1921 California Bungalow, set a cash-winning record on $25,000 Pyramid, and came in last on Jeopardy. I live in Los Angeles with my patient husband and two cats.
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