We Caught Some Gang Taggers!

We were on our way out to dinner last when I noticed to gangbangers crouched down behind the neighbor’s bushes across the street. At first, I thought they were peeing (that happens a lot in those bushes–especially after Dodger games) but then I saw the spray can. We haven’t had gang activity around here in years so I was a bit flummoxed, then I yelled to my husband (inside the house closing a back window) that we had taggers. He grabbed his phone and called 911 (I should have taken a picture with my phone but I’d turned it off). The taggers ran down the street when they heard me yell but took time to spray a palm tree and the nice wooden gate to a courtyard on their way around the corner. We didn’t think the police would even bother to come because the dispatcher took forever just to get our address (“No, that’s La, no L, yes that’s right, Lav…no V as in Victory”—and on and on). The dispatcher hung up and we went to the Hat in Pasadena for some pastrami–extra mustard and pickles. Gordon’s phone rang while we were eating; it was the police telling us they’d caught the taggers! They came over about half an hour after we got home and got our information. They said if we’d been home when they first arrested the taggers they’d have driven us over so we could ID them, but they’d caught them in the act down another street so they didn’t need us. Gang bangers know it was us who called the police, though. I asked the cop if I needed to oil the shotgun and he didn’t laugh. Don’t know how dangerous these creeps are. Well, they may know where we live but we know who they are, too. Anything happens, we know where to look. Always something exciting happening in Los Angeles. I’m just surprised and grateful that the police came so quickly. Twenty years ago they’d have taken a report and blown us off. Think this is Bratton’s legacy. Such professional people; I was impressed. Hope the gangbangers stay away. But they gave us an excuse for a a small block party so we could tell the neighbors what had happened. Guy across the street was really freaked out. I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be tough. 


About Barbara Schnell

I've dedicated my life to full-time employment avoidance. I've been an actress, renovated a 1921 California Bungalow, set a cash-winning record on $25,000 Pyramid, and came in last on Jeopardy. I live in Los Angeles with my patient husband and two cats.
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